The TTS Anti-Slip Walkway system is designed to provide a hard wearing and safe surface for troughing routes where a low to zero maintenance walkway is required.


With an extra 30% internal capacity, the walkway is comprised of two TTS 300 series units (the equivalent of two x C/1/29 concrete troughs) joined together in parallel pairs to form a 780mm wide surface. Each TTS 300 Green Trough unit weighs 27kg making them very easy to handle. By joining two separate units with steel straps, the walkway is secured without compromising the stability and integrity of the lids.


Network Rail’s Manual Handling Assessment Chart (MAC) has given the units green status, conforming to the HSE manual handling guidelines. Easily assembled by a two-man team, the durable TTS Anti-Slip Walkway system offers significant on-site benefits and cost savings compared to traditional separate cable and walkway systems.


Lids can easily be removed for access to each chamber and then refitted without the threat of lids buckling or caving in.


As with all TTS troughing systems, various accessories are available to allow cabling to branch off or interface with existing routes.


An optional safety guard rail is now available and provides a stable barrier to help protect workers. Designed to be fitted quickly to the walkway’s steel frame, it can be configured to work around almost all obstacles and elevation changes.


Whatever your requirements, the TTS design team are happy to help you configure walkway solutions.

An optional safety guard rail is available and provides a stable barrier to help protect workers.

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