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TTS Green Trough Systems

TTS Green Trough is fast becoming the product of choice where versatility and speed of installation is paramount. All TTS troughing systems offer a diverse range of components, available in eight versatile sizes.

With weight savings of up to 85% compared to the concrete alternatives, TTS troughing substantially reduces transport and on-site handling costs and offers installers a truly customisable solution.

Railway operators will welcome the long list of advantages that TTS polymer cable troughing offers. The units are quick to install, easy-to-handle, light enough for a HSE compliant, one-man lift, easy-to-cut with hand tools (without smoke or dust) and have built-in anti-vandal and anti-theft features with lockable lids to help deter cable theft.

Easy To Connect
Connecting TTS Green Trough units is easy and any troughing combination is possible. With a male and female connector moulded into the end of each base unit, no joint grouting is required. Pan and tilting flexibility in the joints also means a bending angle of 2° to 5° can be achieved (enabling the route to form a natural minimum radius of 13 to 15 metres).

This function makes laying TTS trough on uneven surfaces much easier and they can be effectively installed into various ground types, including ballast, soil (or a combination) and as a free-standing cable troughing route. TTS troughs can also interface with existing concrete units.

To help you find the most suitable TTS troughing solution for your project, use our product finder to compare with the concrete version. Click here to open the finder.



Made from a 100% recycled polymer

TTS Green Trough Systems are friendly to the environment.

Manufactured from a 100% recycled polymer. Recycling the past for a better future.

Lighter than concrete, they help reduce transport and on-site handling costs.

Made from a flame-retardant polymer with self-extinguishing characteristics.

No need for special lifting tools or equipment.

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