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Deploy 120 Green Trough cable units per hour with a two man team.

TTS have completed a successful trial with Aquarius Railroad Technologies, using their easy on and off tracking Road2Rail Rail Rover and trailers to deliver manpower and equipment quickly and safely to the track work site. Watch the video below.

The trial was carried out using the TTS 200 Series straight Green Trough units. Six pallets were delivered to the depot and loaded onto the Aquarius R2R Trailer for transport to the work site.

The self-sufficient transport solution provided by Aquarius can deliver plant and equipment for ground preparation and maintenance tasks, avoiding the need for expensive large road rail machines.

With easy on tracking, the Road2Rail Rail Rover and trailer were ready to deploy the troughing units in just a few minutes. Units were unloaded in quick succession with 50 units easily positioned next to the track in under 25 minutes.

Green Trough from TTS Rail is significantly lighter than concrete troughing and will not crack or spall during transit, installation or maintenance operations. The weight savings offered by Green Trough translates into substantial reductions in your transport and on-site handling costs - more units can now be safely delivered to the work site with fewer pallets.

This demonstration shows that remote work sites can now be reached easily and the logistical benefits offered by TTS Green Trough are many.

For more information call Gary Elliott.

To visit the Aquarius Railroad Technologies website, click here.


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