The TTS Green Trough elevated system is designed to provide an above ground level cable management solution.


The structure of the elevated system comprises of galvanised steel posts concreted into the ground at two metre intervals with ladders and horizontal bends bolted to brackets suspended from the posts. The one metre Green Trough units sit in the ladder connected to each other via male and female joints to form a continuous run.


The posts can carry either one, or up to four cable troughing routes. Please refer to the installation manual for the various implementation of routes possible. Longer posts can be provided for non-standard ground conditions.


Ladders are supplied complete with bracket fixing bolts and can be installed at 440mm (level 1) or 840mm (level 2) above ground on the post. Gradient changes can be accommodated with gradient ladders, taking ducting from Level 1 to Level 2 or from ground level to Level 1.


The TTS Green Trough elevated system is simple to install has been developed for use with four of the Green Trough systems; TTS 90, TTS 135, TTS 150 and the TTS 200 series.

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