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TTS Green Trough Accessories

Green Trough from TTS Rail is the most versatile cable ducting system available today. To accompany the already perfect troughing solution, TTS Rail have developed a range of accessories that provide more scope for customisation on-site.

Easy-to-cut with standard hand tools, Green Trough is ideal for any troughing project that requires on-site alterations.

Our range of easy-to-install transition units make interfacing with concrete troughs simple. These units are designed with guard ramps that ensure cables running from concrete into Green Trough will not snag or tear the cable sheath.

Easy access for cable protection systems that need to branch off at any point, can be added with integrated side and slotted panels.

For terminating the end of a line of troughs, we can provide end-caps that seal the line of units and prevent access by small animals.

We are adding to the range of Green Trough accessories all the time - if you have a particular problem, we probably have the solution. Give us a call.


Made from a 100% recycled polymer


TTS Green Trough Accessories TTS Green Trough Accessories TTS Green Trough Accessories TTS Green Trough Accessories








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