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The TTS 300 Series is suitable for ground installation in ballast, on concrete plinths, wall mounted, or elevated.

Its nearest UK concrete equivalent size is C/1/29, but the TTS 300 Series offers 30% more internal capacity. With a small footprint the units are 70% lighter than the concrete alternative.

The TTS 300 series trough is also used in the TTS walkway system with parallel troughs secured by bolted stabilizing blocks which allow independent access to each chamber.


TTS 300 Series polymer cable troughing units include:


70% lighter than the latest C/1/29
30% more capacity
than C/1/29
TTS 300 Series - Troughing Units View TTS 300 series technical drawings


Concrete Trough C/1/29 TTS 300 Series
Weight (Kg)

Internal Capacity

  92 (total)
46 (base)
46 (lid)
40,250 mm2
1000 mm (length)
350 mm (width)
130mm (depth/height)
440 mm (width)
170 mm (depth/height)
  27 (total)
16 (base)
11 (lid)
52,500 mm2
1000 mm (length)
300 mm (width)
175mm (depth/height)
390 mm (width)
265 mm (depth/height)

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