70% lighter than the latest concrete C/1/10


28% more internal capacity than C/1/10

The TTS 200 Series is suitable for ground installation in ballast, on concrete plinths, wall mounted, or elevated on posts.


The TTS 200 series is the ideal troughing replacement for C/1/10 with 28% more internal capacity to carry extra cables. It offers the additional benefit of providing more space for future cable installations. The units are ideal for using in confined spaces and mounting on walls.

The TTS 200 Series cable ducting system includes:

  • Straights
  • Bends
  • Gradients
  • Junctions
  • Accessories



Weight (Kg)



Internal Capacity





Concrete C/1/10


71 (total)

40 (base)

31 (lid)

21,850 mm2

1000 mm (length)

190 mm (width)

115 mm (depth/height)

280 mm (width)

210 mm (depth/height)

TTS 200 Series


21 (total)

14 (base)

7 (lid)

37,000 mm2

1000 mm (length)

200 mm (width)

185 mm (depth/height)

270 mm (width)

255 mm (depth/height)


21,850 mm2

200 Series

37,000 mm2

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