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The TTS 200 Series is suitable for ground installation in ballast, on concrete plinths, wall mounted, or elevated on posts.

Its nearest UK concrete equivalent size is C/1/8. With a 33% greater internal capacity and a marginally smaller footprint to consider when excavating the ballast or earthworks, it offers the additional benefit of providing more space for future cable installations.

The TTS 200 series is also a troughing replacement for C/1/9 and C/1/10 with 69% and 29% more internal capacity to carry extra cables. The series is ideal for using in confined spaces and mounting on walls.


TTS 200 Series polymer cable troughing units include:


67% lighter than the latest C/1/8
33% more capacity
than C/1/8
TTS 200 Series - Troughing Units View TTS 200 series technical drawings


Concrete Trough C/1/8 TTS 200 Series
Weight (Kg)

Internal Capacity

  67 (total)
45 (base)
22 (lid)
27,750 mm2
1000 mm (length)
150 mm (width)
185mm (depth/height)
250 mm (width)
280 mm (depth/height)
  21 (total)
14 (base)
7 (lid)
37,000 mm2
1000 mm (length)
200 mm (width)
185mm (depth/height)
270 mm (width)
255 mm (depth/height)










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