Each size has a full range of corresponding accessories, including 45 degree bends, T-junctions, gradients, end plates, and transitions.


Lighter than traditional concrete alternatives, which often require heavy plant machinery to install


More internal capacity than concrete alternatives


Recycled polymer


90 Series Bend

135 Series Bend

150 Series Bend

200 Series Bend

300 Series Bend

430 Series Bend


90 Series T-Junction

135 Series T-Junction

150 Series T-Junction

200 Series T-Junction

300 Series T-Junction

430 Series T-Junction


90 Series Up Gradient; 90 Series Down Gradient

135 Series Up Gradient; 135 Series Down Gradient

150 Series Up Gradient; 150 Series Down Gradient

200 Series Up Gradient; 200 Series Down Gradient

300 Series Up Gradient; 300 Series Down Gradient

430 Series Up Gradient; 430 Series Down Gradient

Transitions are available between all TTS troughing sizes and with existing concrete trough routes.

Internal separators are available for all TTS troughing sizes.

End plates are available for all TTS troughing sizes for capping off route ends.

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