TTS Green Trough is suitable for a wide range of civil infrastructure projects including rail, motorways, bridges, tunnels, water treatment plants, nuclear power and renewable energy.


Made from a 100% recycled polymer, the environmentally friendly and rugged units carry high voltage power and communications cabling anywhere; horizontally, vertically, at an angle, around an obstruction, along a wall, as a walkway and even in an elevated position.


Key benefits include:

  • Quick installation
  • Easy-to-handle - HSE compliant for a one-man lift
  • Substantial reduction in transport & on-site handling costs
  • Underground duct transitions to allow vehicle access
  • Wide range of accessories for customisation on-site
  • Increased internal capacities over concrete
  • Built-in anti-vandal and anti-theft features with lockable lids to deter cable theft
  • Retro-fit into existing cable routes


Available in six sizes, Green Trough includes a diverse range of interchangeable components, including straights, gradients, curves and junctions. It can be easily deployed as a free-standing cable route on uneven surfaces, or effectively installed into various ground types. Connecting the units is easy and any trough combination is possible. With a male and female connector moulded into the end of each base unit, no joint grouting is required.


Pan and tilting flexibility in the joints enables a bending angle of 2° to 5° using only straight units where cable routes can form a minimum radius of 13 to 15 metres. Tighter curves can be achieved using the curved units.


Buckle prevention is engineered into the units. The polymers thermal coefficient of expansion has been determined to design a sacrificial ‘pip’ that is moulded into the female connector. In extreme temperatures, these ‘pips’ absorb any expansion that might occur without distorting the trough route.


Green Trough is a proven system and benefits from over 20 years of rigorous testing and usage reports. These include: durability, weather resistance, extreme temperature change, loading, impact, wind/vibration resistance, flame retardancy, expansion tolerances, UV resistance and anti-static performance. In recent tests, units recently performed significantly better than other systems:


  • In compression tests, the walls of the units didn’t distort due to the weight of the surrounding ground material and the lids still fitted correctly.
  • In flame resistance tests, Green Trough effectively shielded cables from external temperatures in excess of 650 degrees Celsius.
  • During accelerated weather resistance testing, Green Trough was exposed to UV levels equivalent to 50 years of exposure and retained its tensile strength and impact resistance.


The TTS team has established an unrivalled depth of knowledge and skill set that enables them to provide cable ducting designed to meet a wide range of site conditions. Whatever your cable ducting challenges, we can work with you to overcome them.



Green Trough is made from a 100% recycled polymer. This durable, tough and eco-friendly ducting will carry cabling anywhere:


  • Horizontally - ground level or excavated
  • Vertically
  • At an angle
  • Around an obstruction
  • Along a wall
  • Through tunnels
  • Suspended from bridge parapets
  • At an elevated position

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