Trough-Tec Systems (TTS) supply Green Trough to many of the UK’s leading asset managers and contractors.


We provide value engineered solutions best suited to asset managers who are integrating technology into their operations. Planning ahead with TTS Green Trough provides a sustainable solution for the future-proofing of cable routes as all units have been designed to maximise their internal capacity. They can be used to accommodate extra cabling at a later date.


Originally established to help improve access and efficiency in rail maintenance and track infrastructure, TTS is increasingly being called upon by road, infrastructure and utilities firms to allow quick, easy installation of cables and wiring without the hassle of seeing a site criss-crossed with deep excavations.


The TTS team has established an unrivalled depth of knowledge and skill set that enables them to provide cable ducting designed to meet a wide range of site conditions. Whatever your cable ducting challenges, we can work with you to overcome them.



TTS (Trough-Tec Systems) is a

division of the HIRD Group

TTS (Trough-Tec Systems)


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